FS X FS2004 Nord Aviation 1500 Griffon 2

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FS X FS2004 Nord Aviation 1500 Griffon 2

FS X FS2004 Nord Aviation 1500 Griffon 2

FS X FS2004 Nord Aviation 1500 Griffon 2

The Nord 1500 Griffon was the prototype of a ramjet-powered fighter aircraft designed and built by French state-owned aircraft manufacturer Nord Aviation (SNCAN). It was part of a series of competing programs to fill a 1953 French air force specification for a light supersonic fighter in the Mach 2 range.

The Griffon actually featured a dual turbojet-ramjet powerplant, with the turbojet enabling unassisted take-offs and the ramjet producing extra thrust at airspeeds above 1000 km/h (600 mph).

The prototype first flew on 20 September 1955 (Griffon 1) and this one, the second aircraft (Griffon 2) flew on 23 January 1957, then completed more than 200 test flights.

With Major André Turcat at the controls (the future test pilot of the Concorde), the Griffon reached a top speed of Mach 2.19 (2300 km/h) in 1958, thus proving the soundness of the basic design. However, major technical difficulties in developing an operationally reliable ramjet led to the cancellation in 1959 of the Griffon program to the benefit of Dassault Aviation's Mirage III ...

The model has full moving parts + a custom panel compatible with FS2004 and FSX. No VC.
Designed by Pat Grange.

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