FS X Airbus A319 US Airways Carolina Panthers


FS X Airbus A319 US Airways Carolina Panthers

The A319 is a LONG aircraft! BEWARE OF TAILSTRIKE during rotation! DO NOT exceed 10 degrees rotation until you have lifted off!

The A319-100's have a much lower Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) than the A319-200's! If you want to fly with a full payload, you may have to offload some fuel to stay below MTOW! You may also lower your payload in order to fly with a full fuel load.

The A319 is a much heavier aircraft than the A320. When taking off at MTOW, you may need to use an initial Cruise Level of 29,000 feet. With about 30,000 lbs of fuel remaining, you may cruise higher. Higher Cruise Levels are available if necessary, but it may take a long time to climb to them at full load.

Pay attention to the Maximum Landing Weights! Make sure you are below these weights when you land.

You must assign a keyboard command (Options -> Controls -> Assignments) for Tailhook and Wingfold (cargo doors and drooping control surface operation)! By default, Flight Simulator DOES NOT assign a command for these features.

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