FS2002 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-4Q8


FS2002 Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-4Q8


This is an accurate repaint of Virgin Atlantic's 'Austin Powered' G-VTOP 747-4Q8 and is DEFINITELY the repaint for any Austin Powers fans! It is one of the more interesting and special repaints i have done and the sticker was worn in 1999 on G-VTOP. It features Mike Meyers (Austin Powers) on the nose instead of the normal 'virginia plain'.

Based on Project Opensky's 747-400 model V2 and painted with 16 bit main fuselage textures. FDE version 4.2. This aircraft also works with vapour trails by Project Airbus (smoke editted by DJPrez).

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Create Date22 octobre 2015
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