FS2004 Boeing 727-200 Lloyd Aereo Boliviano CP-2455


Boeing 727-200 Lloyd Aereo Boliviano CP-2455 Vistaliners Model

Repaint by Rodrigo Flores
Hi there! Welcome to this repaint of a member of the Lloyd Aereo Boliviano fleet, CP-2455. LAB has a sizable 727 fleet but only a few of the aircraft are ever operating at any point. Ship 2455 appears to currently be in service, wearing a slightly newer version of this paint scheme.

The Vistaliners 727-200 is an excellent model. It's not completely accurate to this aircraft, however: like many Bolivian 727s, CP-2429 has hushkits mounted on its engines which make it look very different from a "standard" 727 (as if any of those exist anymore!). Until Erick Cantu releases hushkitted variants of his model, this will have to do.

Installation is a drop-in procedure! Just put the folder "Boeing 727-200 Lloyd Aereo Boliviano INT" in your main aircraft folder.

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