FS2004 Brantford CYFD in Ontario


FS2004 Brantford CYFD in Ontario

Brantford is an ex-military base 25 miles west of the western end of Lake Ontario and 20 miles west of Hamilton. It is the classic military triangle, but with one runway (05/23) extended to 5,000' for jet fighter use. The other two runways are both 2,600 feet long. It is difficult to miss seeing the airfield from afar (for most of the day) as there is a huge yellow VFR landmark in the form of several hundred parked and bright yellow school buses to the immediate southeast of the field.

On the field is Brantford Flying Club, fuel, maintenance facilities, a restaurant (I forget it's name) and a lot of parking space. And the airfield is a customs entry field, which means you can enter or leave Canada here on a cross-border flight into the US. And the City of Brantford seems to be making efforts to close the field "as an unnecessary service".

As well as the airfield scenery files there are a landclass file to modify the grassed area of the airfield and an AFCAD file for your AI visitors.

Made using SceneryGenX build 61 (hoorah for that programme! downloadable for free) and Runway12 and SBuilder by Roger Wensley and Jim Turner. For FS9 only.

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