FS2004 Chapleau Theriault Ontario Canada


FS2004 Chapleau Theriault Ontario Canada

 Made using SceneryGenX build 61 (hoorah for that programme! downloadable for free) by Roger Wensley. For FS9 only.


It all started when I was recently reading a book called "Trespassing In God's Country". While reading I realised that years ago I had met the author, George Theriault. The book was fascinating, and all about three things: eating fish, catching fish, and the flying that got you to where the fish could be caught. OK, so there were moose and goose hunts too, but these were really digressions. George started and ran for years a float base in Chapleau, Ontario, Canada; this is a small town 65 miles east of Wawa, 140 miles northwest of Sudbury, and 90 miles southwest of Timmins. From that base George and later other pilots, and even later his sons, flew fishermen into lakes around Chapleau, and on much longer trips up to James Bay and Hudson Bay. And in fact if you do a web search for Theriault you will find they still do exactly that, though the cabins are now more comfortable than they used to be in the early days. But then we've all got softer.

So here are seven of those original outposts on the lakes with their cabins and floating docks and the canoes. I would have put some boats in there with outboard motors, but I couldn't find any readymade to use.

There is a "map" of sorts which shows where Chapleau is, and three circles where the cabins are. Five of them are in one group, and the large circle has a "5" there to confirm that. The two smaller circles each contain one base. They are listed here by name, with their indicators, positions, and heights in feet.

Tent Camp CH00 N47 52.23 W82 50.99 1310'
Raney Lake CH01 N47 51.72 W82 49.35 1263'
Denyes Lake CH02 N47 50.96 W82 45.02 1257'
Moose Camp CH03 N47 48.60 W82 46.59 1289'
Falls Camp CH04 N47 49.59 W82 51.07 1263' (I am not sure what this camp was actually called)
Goose River Camp N48 7.04 W82 50.33 1211'
Nemogosenda Lake N48 2.43 W83 5.61 1106'

They will show up as waypoints on a gps. As there are no runways as such (you just pick a spot on the lake and land there) there is no ATC interface, despite them having indicators (CH03 etc); this is a technical requirement of SceneryGenX, you have to give a scenery an indicator or it won't work.

I already made the Chapleau float base scenery a while ago (in 2006?) so if you want that too (sounds logical after all) then go to Flightsim.com as I don't think it is still on Avsim.

by Roger Rogwens

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