FS2004 Corinth ICAO WI54


FS2004 Corinth ICAO WI54

  FS2004(FS9) Corinth, Wisconsin  ICAO WI54 Upgrade of small airport.
The runway is  08/26 4000ft asphalt for National and International flights.
Includes apron, Terminal Building, Control Tower, shops, admin buildings and hangars, plus detailed scenery of houses.
Some Landclass added to denote Township and surrounding farmland.

Known Credits:
Luis Sa' for his great SBuilder program;
and Jon Masterson-'Scruffy Duck' for his tutorials.
Richard Ludowise for his Cellgrid tute and accompanying programs.
Ken Nelson for his Land-Water-Mask tutorials and his LWM program.
Lee Swordy for ACAD2 great program from which the runway, taxiways and parking was created.
Matthias Brückner's EasyObjectDesigner program to construct buildings for SBuilder

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Create Date16 octobre 2015
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