FS2004 EDKA Aachen-Merzbrueck


FS2004 EDKA Aachen-Merzbrueck

Small grass field in Germany made especially for those pilots flying the IVAO  German VFR Tour 2008. Based on google earth picture. It's certainly not perfect but I think it's a lot better than the default scenery.

Scenery Builder sb205.zip by Luis Sa. Object and Scenery Manager lom_sw_099.zip by Jon MastersonRwy12 Object Placer rwy12_program_v1.2.zip by Israel Roth and Seev KahnAFCAD2.21 by Lee Swordy. If these gentlemen had not invested their time in these great tools, people like me would never be in a position to work on sceneries. Thank you very much!

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Create Date16 octobre 2015
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