FS2004 KDAB Scenery


FS2004 KDAB Scenery

Adds airport hangers and buildings for the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University flightline, a Jet Center, and small aircraft storage to Daytona Beach International Airport Also adds Daytona International Speedway adjacent to the airport, since an approach to the airport without it is unrealistic. Includes an AFCAD file with added taxiways and revised ramp areas essential for the scenery. This scenery is in accordance with the current Google Earth images. However, the largest Embry Riddle hanger was destroyed the end of last year by a tornado and no longer exists pending construction of an entirely new flightline facility. The scenery placement coordinates with Ultimate Terrain USA. Scenery for the speedway works best with summer textures since FS9 fall and winter textures are too harsh for the area.

By: Art Poole

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Create Date16 octobre 2015
Last Updated16 octobre 2015

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