FS2004 photoreal Panel Piper PA 44


FS2004 photoreal Panel Piper PA 44

 FS2004 - photoreal Panel Piper PA 44 - Seminole with full internal views by Horst Paetzold

specially made for Chuck Dome's Piper-seminole (pipsem04.zip) from 2003,
panel my be used for other Piper-Seneca, too.

The repaint was made according to a german realworld plane, but the available bitmaps in the texture-folder dit not
allow an exact repainting.

This panel is not usable for the excellent freeware Seminole with VC of Rien Cornelissen.

What is from me:        Only the bitmaps and the panel-arrangement

Credit                                      therefore goes to Chuck Dome and all gauge-designers

Good flights!!!

Horst Paetzold

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Create Date16 octobre 2015
Last Updated16 octobre 2015

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