FS2004 Port of Spain waterfront in Trinidad


FS2004 Port of Spain waterfront in Trinidad

 Port of Spain waterfront in Trinidad

Made using SceneryGenX build 61 (hoorah for that programme! downloadable for free) and Runway12 and SBuilder and the payware Lago by Roger Wensley and Jim Turner. For FS9 only.


Trinidad is the southern most and largest island of a chain that stretches north from the coast of  Venezuela.

And in fact Trinidad is closer to Venezuela (around 5 miles) than to any of the islands to the north. Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and right now that's where I am. Owing to a lack of any airfields to model (flying for real down here is just a tad different to flying in Canada!) I started in with the waterfront on the basis that it's where a float plane would want to tie up.

To also put some buildings in place I had to use lago, so if you have Lago the city will be closer to reality. If you don't have Lago and also have never been to Port of Spain then you won't be missing anything.

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