FS2004 Scenery Duxford Airfield


FS2004 Scenery Duxford Airfield

Autogen and additional scenery to further enhance the uk2000 version from Gary Summons.
Autogen Scenery for the VFR photoscenery for the Duxford area. The exclude file does not allow trees to be planted close to the airport, these additional trees have been created using George Davidson's Tree Planter program utilising Gerrish's tree library to create xml trees. In addition there are trees, cars, people, houses and some of the buildings across the road from the airfield, using instant scenery. Warbird & Vintage fanatics, you can now fly from Duxford and give a display at Old Warden, all with VFR autogen do please enjoy!
By Richard Tranfield

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Create Date21 octobre 2015
Last Updated21 octobre 2015

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