FS2004 SCENERY MRAO Turtuguero, Costa Rica


 FS2004 SCENERY MRAO Turtuguero, Costa Rica

 Googly scenery for MRAO Turtuguero, Costa Rica - another one that Microsoft
forgot in FS2004. It is a small domestic airport located on a long spit of
land that almost seems like an island. Turtuguero is just a village but the
airport also serves the lush Tortuguero National Park (rain falls all the
year round here) which draws thousands of visitors each year. The airport
is served daily by DHC-6 Twin otters of Nature Air. These scenery files
create the airport and add taxiways, aprons, buildings and other airport
features, so that you and your "AI" traffic can land, taxi, park and take
off in a realistic manner.

The scenery does not purport to be ultra-accurate. Based on less-than-perfect
satellite imagery from Google Earth, the layout is as good as I can get it,
but some imagination has been used as I cannot tell what buildings exist. The
buildings and other features I have provided are built from default Microsoft
objects and add-on libraries so will not look exactly like the real thing.

You are not obliged to download and install any additional scenery libraries,
but to enjoy this scenery in its entirety, you may wish to. It will work fine,
with or without.

FS2004 SCENERY   MRAO Turtuguero, Costa Rica            by John Hinson

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