FS2004 St. George Airport Utah KSGU


FS2004 St. George Airport Utah KSGU

 The 6600' long St. George airport in southwestern Utah sits high on a mesa!  You grasp your armrest hoping that you will become airborne before you fall off the cliff...Or just after landing you are nervously waiting for the pilot to apply the brakes as the end of the runway rushes up to meet you before you fall into nothingness!  Such is the fate that awaits the pilot or passenger that ventures to the Saint George, Utah airport.
Actually, it is a very safe and delightful airport to base your flights from. Visit Southern Utah and see the many sights that await the adventurous sole. Take a trip from KSGU to Moab-KCNY or KVEL and marvel at the diversity of the landscape. ( I upgraded those 2 airports also.)

Works best with Ultimate Terrain, but should be ok with default. (No guarantee)

 by Alan C. Heiner

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