FSX Avro730 Vigilant B.IA/SR.I/II


flight simulator x Avro730 Vigilant B.IA/SR.I/II

Avro730 Vigilant B.IA/SR.I/II for FSX
One the many projects axed by Duncan Sandys in the wake of the disasterous 1957 defence white paper
was an advanced M=3 stainless steel strategic strike-recconiasance bomber, the impressive Avro Type 730.
A set of 3 repaints for Kazunori Itos Avro type730, V/C functional and de-blurred
as much as posible,FSX compatable(probably FS9 too, but I don't know)gauges, Radio, radar/MTI( this shows AI Air and sea targets),
autopilot works, all from freeware sources.
Afterburners and smoke system effects added. Reworked Air and FDE file with contact points
added in the right places for all wheels- could not fix the bogie tilt angle. Oh well.
Dimensions, weights, MOI, fuel and payload(one station- its a bomber),range (intercontenental) and canard configuration
set per AVRO estimates. M=2.5 cruise, M=3.2 dash at combat weight, combat ceiling 70,000ft+.
Reverse thrust added(F2) to simulate drag chute. Ballanced field performance per Air stall requirement OR/AST53-
aircraft can use 6500 ft runways at AUW and landing at 10% fuel and 15500lbs warload (you don't throw away nukes).

Simulated warloads and fuel: Weights-Empty 123280 Lbs. normal TO 188000 Lbs, MTOW 235000 Lbs.
Max Fuel 98000 Lbs. Max stores iron 5x5 1000 Lbs GPB load 20000 lbs, Yellow sun Mk.I 7250Lbs/Mk.II 1700 Lbs,
RED BEARD Mk.II 1750 Lbs, B-43 2125 lbs, Mk28 2320 Lbs, WE177A 600 Lbs/B/C 1007.5 lbs, AGM69A 2230 lbs,
AGM48 14000 LBS, BLUE STEEL Mk1 17000, GREEN MEAT Mk.IV 5000 Lbs.

FSX Avro730 Vigilant B.IA/SR.I/II - flight simulator x Avro730 Vigilant B.IA/SR.I/II

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