FSX Curtiss Wright CW-1 Junior


FSX Curtiss Wright CW-1 "Junior"
I love Put-Puts; my favorite ride is in my Aeronca C-3.  However, I think the "Junior" might replace it.  The CW-1 was Curtiss Wright's attempt to enter the light plane market in 1930.  It's claim to fame was a price tag of only $1500.  It was well liked by it's owners because it was very stable and easy to fly.  It was even popular for coyote hunting in the west because of the great  view  from the front seat and its ability to fly low and slow.  Over 400 were produced but the program fell victim to the depression of the '30;s.  A google search will find a reasonable amount of information about this most unusual parasol wing pusher 3 cylinder engine aircraft.
I have Paul Matt's beautiful 3 views of this plane so I used them as backgrounds for this project.  This model was created with FSDSv3.51 and compiled into FSX with Xtomdl.  It is not compatible with other sims. It has the usual animations, Landing light, and Nav lights.  The lights control with the "L" key or the appropriate switches on the panel.  It features two liveries, a red and silver factory job, and a white livery from the last CW-1 in France.  Thanks to Michael Adams for bringing that plane to my attention.  It has a 2D panel and a VC with animated controls.

 ENJOY!   Paul Clawson

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