FSX EGKR Redhill scenery


FSX EGKR Redhill scenery

FSX EGKR Redhill scenery

FSX EGKR Redhill scenery

 FSX EGKR Redhill

This nice place is a rather large complex of 5 runways of grass and 5 or more helicopters landing pads.

Situated a handfull of miles, north of Gatwick, in the south of UK, in Surrey.

The original scenery in FSX is very, very modest so it was logical to try something closer to the reality. Here is my modest contribution to it.

Thanks to the authors of FSX planner, EZ-Landclass and SceneryShortcut (Abacus) for those superbes development tools.

Using existing objects of FSX, this scenery is small in size and has very little impact on the FPS. Its under my copyright, and should be only freely distributed and in any case never be part of a commercial package.

There is nothing there which could possibly damage your computer or your FS, so I am not taking any responsibility in any possible incident on your machines.

Standart kind of installation
- unzip the files and folders under your add-on sceney
- declare the scenery

That's it.

Unfortunatly, this scenery is not compatible with previous versions of FS.

Enjoy flying in that superb area !

Dominique M.L. Donzelot

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