FSX Myasishchev 3M-T ‘Atlant’


 FSX Myasishchev 3M-T 'Atlant' (atlas)
tested with sp2  Full VC ( fs98 working gauges in fsx)

In the mid 1970's the USA began the development of a re-usable space transport system that soon became universally known as the Space Shuttle. The Soviet Union responded
by launching the development of a similar system, known to generally as the 'BURAN' (SnowStorm).
Aircraft model by Brett Hoskins.
Textures with many thanks by Mike Mahat
3M 'Bison-B' Panel with many thanks by Jan Moravec
PRESNTED By Nor-Cal Prop Club

Size17.86 MB
Create Date26 octobre 2015
Last Updated26 octobre 2015

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