FSX P-80 Shooting Star


FSX P-80 Shooting Star

This is 45-8490 / FT-490 currently on display at the Castle AFB Museum, Atwater, California. She wears a single MiG-15 kill marking under the cockpit .On November 8, 1950, the first jet-vs-jet aerial combat took place between a P-80 Shooting Star and a MIG-15 in the area in northwest Korea later known as "MIG Alley." Several days prior to the fateful day, MIG-15 jets had been encountered by U.S. AF F-51Ds on patrol near the Yalu River area.  On the afternoon of 8 November, Lt. Russell Brown piloting his Shooting Star of the 16th Fighter Squadron, outmaneuvered two attacking MIG-15s, tacked onto the tail of one of them, and poured .50 caliber fire into him until the MIG exploded.  It was the first of 827 MIGs to be shot down in Korea and the first jet-vs-jet victory ever.  Textures and Updates by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft..  This aircraft is Entitled  " First Kill "

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