FSX Scenery Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay


FSX Scenery Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

FSX Scenery Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

 FSX Scenery Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

 Colonia del Sacramento - VFRBarra San Juan - Riachuelo Republica Oriental del UruguayScenery Freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX.

This segment corresponds to Colonia del Sacramento and the extension is included from:
- Conchillas
- RiverSan Juan
- Real San Carlos
- Colonia
- River Riachuelo
- Island San Gabriel and Farallón
- Beaches raised in all their extension

In this work it has been reconstructed in detail the contour of the coast of this area, with the geographical most outstanding details for a flight VFR.
I was used Google Earth thoroughly to define each section in combined form with the following tools:
- SBuilder X
A small aerodrome is included located in the presidential field. Completely simple with a grass track as one observes from GE. The data of this track are the following ones:

Code: SUSJ
Long: 3760 feet
Wide: 165 feet
Orientation: 3° / 183°
Height: 3,3 feet
Surface: grass

The airport of Colonia has not been modified and it corresponds since to the default of FSX it is very similar. Alone I have added some representative trees of the area.
In all the cases, they were used throughout the coast the autogenerated textures more appropriate to the reality according to my approach.
In the case of some added objects, a balance is prioritized between performance and the most outstanding components.
The streets have also been included but representative (Route, peninsula and coastal), each one with their respective one traffics.

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