FSX scenery Odense Airport EKOD ODE


FSX scenery Odense Airport EKOD ODE

FSX scenery Odense Airport EKOD ODE

 FSX scenery Odense Airport EKOD ODEManual - Odense Lufthavn for FSX

This scenery is made for use with FSX updated with SP2/Acceleration Pack. It just might work without SP2, but this is not tested. You may download the SP2 update from the official FSX site, FSInsider. Choose "Downloads" and then "Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2".

Acceleration Pack is a payware addon for FSX. The pack includes the SP2 update, so if you bought the pack you do not need to download the SP2. The scenery uses a few default elements from the Acceleration Pack (parked cars), and they show only if you purchased and installed the pack.

The scenery is also published for FS9, and replaces the "quick-and-dirty" edition I did a few years ago.

The scenery is not yet complete. I have no usable pictures of the hangars and other structures in the south area. On the areas marked in the picture below are instead placed default objects (reasonably correct, I presume). Hence the version name 0.75. Version 0.76 corrects some errors in version 0.75.

The airport
Odense Lufthavn (Odense Airport) is situated close the village of Beldringe, a few km north of Odense, the main city on the island of Funen. Like several other Danish airports it was established as an airbase by the Germans during World War II. It was taken over by the Danish state after the war and owned by the state until 1998, at which time it was taken over by a consortium of local authorities, including the city of Odense, and it is now put out to EU-tender. Before the opening of the Great Belt rail and motorway link Maersk Air operated flights between Odense and Copenhagen. However, the traffic was suspended in 1997, and since then there has been no regular, scheduled traffic.

But there is a lot of one- and two-motor craft (including rotor craft) traffic due to many companies based in the airport, notably Alpha Air. There is very little traffic with larger planes, but several charter flights have been scheduled during the last couple of years. In the summer of 2008 there are charter flights with Cimber Air on Saturdays to Beziers, France (LFMU) and Parma/Forli, Italy (LIMP/LIPK). There are connecting flights from Karup (EKKA) and Copenhagen (EKCH). And on Fridays a flight to Chania (LGSA) in Greece (Crete) with Iberworld.

The main runway is 2000 m, with the latest construction done in 2007. There is also a grass runway of 695 m.

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