CFS2 B-25J


CFS2 B-25J

 TR_B25J, a B-25J for CFS2....The J was the last model of the B-25
Tom Sanford

This is an original model of the B-25H.  The model features breaking parts, has a full DVC and is LODed for higher framerates.  The objective being to provide a good mixture of realism and performance. This particular version is skinned by the incomparable Sopwith Chameleon as'Umbrella Girl'.

The model has a nice 'mouseable' 2D panel with AP (Gauges included), animated forward and rear hatches and a bombay toggled by the SPOILER command.

She is also equipped with a rear gunsight which shows in the rear view of the 2D cockpit.  The forward guns are on the gun trigger and the turrets are on the cannon trigger.

To install simply paste all files in the download into the corresponding folder/subfolder of your CFS2 install.

This is freeware and subject to the usual conditions.  Enjoy!

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