FS2002 FS2004 Lockheed A-12 Black Bird


FS2002 FS2004 Lockheed A-12 Black Bird

The Lockheed A-12 was designed in the late 1950s for the CIA as a follow-on to the U-2 under a programme codename "Oxcart".
The aircraft first flew from Groom Lake on 26 Apr 62 piloted by Lou Schalk.
The aircraft was designed to directly overfly a target, as opposed to 'standing-off' a target and taking oblique photographs.
A variety of different cameras could be carried in the 'Q' bay immediately behind the pilot.
A variety of ECM packages were carried in the chine bays.
The A-12 remains the fastest, highest flying plane ever built and achieved a speed of Mach 3.35 and a height of 95,000ft.
by Kazunori Ito.




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