FS2004 Airport OSDI Damascus International Syria


FS2004 Airport OSDI Damascus International Syria

 Googlyafcad A&F Data for Damascus International, based on Google Earth satellite data.

Unfortunately, Microsoft have provided only limnited facilities at this important
airport in Flight Simulator 2004 and the absence of many taxiways present in the
real world can cause traffic to queue for long periods. This file will allow you
and your "AI" traffic to land, taxi, park and take off in a realistic manner.

The layout is based entirely on the view available through Google Earth, but a few
slight adjustments have been made to allow these to fit in with the default scenery.
Two incorrectly positioned hangars have been removed from the south end of the
airport. Without other information I am uncertain as to the use of this ramp but
it looks as if it may be used by both military and general aviation aircraft;
there does not seem to be any other GA parking at Damascus.

The curious taxiway numbering at Damascus in Flight Simulator does not correlate
with real life but I do not have the information to correct this.

If anybody can help on any of the above matters (the sight of an airport chart
would be a great help) I will update the file.

 by John Hinson

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