FS2004 Avro Tudor Mk XIII


FS2004 Avro Tudor Mk XIII

The Avro Tudor was a British piston-engined airliner based on Avro's four-engine Lincoln bomber, itself a descendant of the famous Avro Lancaster. Although it had reasonably long range, customers saw the aircraft as little more than a pressurised Douglas DC-4, and few orders were forthcoming.


This is based on the default DC-3 panel, with some of the original engine instruments removed to make room for the boost and rpm gauges required for the Tudor.


The boost and rpm gauges are based on the ones in the default DH Comet racer panel. I edited Microsoft's XML scripts so that I would have four (rather than just two) engines. I changed the boost background bmp files to reflect the greater boost available from the RR Merlins. I wasn't sure of the actual figures, but I guess my guestimates aren't too far off the mark.

HANDLING NOTES (look out for 'Avro Tudor' on YouTube - a video tutorial on how to fly a circuit with this model::

Due to the high nose attitude you will have to raise the seat (SHIFT+ENTER) so you can see where you are going.


Radiator Shutters ......Open (should be open by default - if not Ctrl+SHIFT+V to open in stages…. Ctrl+SHIFT+C will close them)

Flaps ...... set at 20 degrees (press the F7 key three times).

Check control surfaces are full-and-free and that they move in the correct sense.


Open throttles fully. Be ready to counter the swing to the left with right rudder. At 80 mph ease forward on the controls to raise the tail wheel off the ground to bring the aircraft into a level attitude. Lift-off at 95 mph.

Climb away at 130 mph.

At 500 feet raise the flaps and accelerate to 145 mph. Set boost to about 16 lbs.

At 1,500 feet level off and accelerate to 180 mph. Set boost to 4 lbs.


Speed less than 200 mph, set flaps to 20 degrees.

Undercarriage ...... down (check green indicator light) set boost to 10 lbs to maintain 140 mph.


Set full flap ...... 40 degrees.

Approach speed 120 mph with 4 inches of boost will give you a rate of descent of about 600 ft per min.

Crossing the runway threshold, gently reduce the power to idle and land in a threepoint attitude.
Modelled in gmax by Spoon Rest (main aircraft structure), Scrum Half (panel, control surface animations & Aircraft Container), Bar Tail (pilot figures), Foyer des Arts (textures) and Spin Scan (YouTube video tutorial). Thanks to Wiffy et al for beta-testing.

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