FS2004 BF 109 F


FS2004 BF 109 F

FS2004 BF 109 F

FS2004 BF 109 F

 This BF-109F has been released as freeware courtesy of SkyUnlimited Productions. skyunlimited.net Included are over 20 paint schemes, tropical variants, accurate flight dynamics, viewable engine details, custom sounds, working machine gun effects, historical information, and an actual Bf-109F checklist. The main installer will install international friendly repaints without swastikas, but an additional installer is included that will install historical swastikas for those users that prefer accuracy. In addition, a repaint kit is also included.

 Enjoy, and we hope you will take a look at our other available products.

Jesse Lambert
SkyUnlimited Productions

Model: Mike Wholaver
Engine: Jesse Lambert
Textures: Alessandro Biagi
Flight Dynamics: Jerry Beckwith
Panel: Lobo da Silvia
Sound: Jesse Lambert
Historical Information: John Dell
Gun Effects: Rob Barendregt Douglas Dawson

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Size89 388 ko
Create Date15 octobre 2015
Last Updated31 mars 2016


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