FS2004 Mil MI-24V Hind E


FS2004 Mil MI-24V Hind E


Deadly looking, and just as lethal, the Mil MI-24 series of Helicopter Gunships are perfect Cold War images of the Soviet concept of a "Flying APC"
Armed with AT Missles, Rockets and Cannon, and capable of transporting 8 Troops in its cabin.

Caused much concern in the West, where there was no counterpart, and given the NATO code-name "Hind" MI-24's  were first built with conventional flightdeck-type cabin,as the MI-24A,  then redesigned with the stepped, armored cockpits for pilot and weapons systems operator (wso), as the MI-24D. Later improvements resulted in the V, VP, P, and Recon versions. Was, and still,  in service with over 20 nations.

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