FS2004 scenery Ämari


FS2004 scenery Ämari

 Firstly I'd like to say a BIG - BIG THANKS to Paavo Pihelgas. If it were'nt for him I wouldn't gotten to do almost anything.
Well this is my Ämari (EEEI) scenery. It's with a large photoscenery  with all seasons and a couple of hangars and EXACT AFCAD. I'm very sorry about the places where there should be water. I had problems with making those so....sorry!


1. Extract the folder ''Ämari'' to your Flight Simulator 9/Addon Scenery. Then start FS2004 and go to: settings - scenery library - add area / and from there choose the extracted ''Ämari'' folder.  Click ''ok'' and exit FS2004. Now you should have my Ämari scenery in your FS2004.

I Hope You Like This Scenery!

by Mihkel Litvinov

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Create Date22 octobre 2015
Last Updated22 octobre 2015

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