FSX Airbus A310-304 ET White Airways Textures


A White Airways (HD) repaint for the incredible Thomas Ruth Airbus A310-300 model. Thank you Thomas.

This repaint reflects the same livery i uploaded some time ago, but this time it sports HD graphics. How is this possible?
By doubling the resolution of the paintkit (resize the paintkit so it DOUBLES the height and width) and paint over this new image.
Like this we get the same paintkit image (doubled) and when we paint over it, we will be painting in double resolution even if the
original image below is just magnified.

Imagine the paintkit is a 2048x2048 image, when we double it we get a 4096x4096 image. This alone will not double the resolution,
obviously, but you will be painting over a new 4096x4096 image, and THAT will be effectively in higher resolution. This is what i have done.
As a result, when you zoom into the aircraft inside FSX, the textures will maintain their sharpness to a much higher degree.
Please note that FSX should be configured to load up to 4096 texture sizes. Edit the TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD value in FSX.CFG to attain this.

Additionally, i replaced the windows, doors, engines and several other parts with better textures. I guess the result is great for an already
great model and paintkit. If i get the time, i will be doing some more repaints for the Airbus A310-300, meanwhile enjoy!

Un airbus A310 304 ET de la compagnie aérienne White Airways par Nuno M Pinto

FSX Airbus A310-304 ET White Airways Textures - flight simulator x Airbus A310-304 ET White Airways Textures

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