FSX Airbus A319-111 CSA OK-NEO


Project Airbus A319. Model by Project Airbus. Livery by Umberto Ghislanzoni

 For install this texture you have to do the following steps...

1 - Unzip the file.
2 - Put the folder "texture.CSA OK-NEO" in the folder where there are the all things about "Project Airbus" (Model, Panel, Sound..)
2 - Just copy the following informations in the Aircraft.CFG that can be found in the "Project Airbus" Folder.
3 - In the information that you copied from this Readme file to your Aircraft.CFG, you have to change the X of the [fltsim.X] with a number...Example: If you have [fltsim.1], the next will be [fltsim.2]....

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Create Date27 octobre 2015
Last Updated19 novembre 2015


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