FSX Boeing 727-100 SuperPerformer


FSX Boeing 727-100 SuperPerformer

FSX Boeing 727-100 SuperPerformer

Welcome to www.vikingair.dk`s Boeing 727-100 FSX SuperPerformer

Please let us know howe you find the Aircraft on kkims@hotmail.com

Hi "flightsimmer"

First of all, we dont know to whom we shall give our credit to for this wonderfull machine.we simply cannot find any name anyware
However we have made a few changes so you will have power enough.Just Try!!!

1 - the cockpit is special designed Boeing 737-800 cockpit
with a overhead panel( the overhead panel is only for a reallistic cockpit look)
If you want you can put in any cockpit you like using notepad and write :

alias=b737_800panel or any other panel you have in your aircraft folder.

We powered up the engines a little 🙂 for short runways an quick climp.

FSX Boeing 727-100 SuperPerformer - flight simulator x Boeing 727-100 SuperPerformer

Tous les Boeing 727 à télécharger pour Flight Simulator

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