FSX Piper Cub CAP


FSX Piper Cub CAP

FSX Piper Cub CAP

flight simulator x Piper Cub CAP

Default Piper Cub CAP Textures

Default FSX Piper Cub CAP repaint by Austin Howard

The simple, inexpensive Piper J-3 Cub lifted a generation of pilots into the skies for the first time. Introduced in 1938, the Piper Cub made learning to fly accessible to many more people. One estimate states that 75 percent of American aviators in World War II learned to fly in the Cub. Flying low and slow with its doors open, the Piper Cub revives the roots of aviation.

On december 1st, 1941, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded, just 6 days before the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor! Their mission was to conduct homeland Search and Rescue and coastal patrol, which involved flying hundreds of hours along USA's coast looking out for german U Boats in old, cheap, government founded aircraft colored yellow and red. Were they effective? Yes! A German officer, taken captive, was asked why German U-Boats left US coastal waters by 1943. He replied, "Because of those damned little red and yellow airplanes." By the end of World War II, CAP's coastal patrol had flown 24 million miles, found 173 enemy U-boats, attacked 57, hit 10 and sank two (see note), dropping a total of 83 bombs and depth charges throughout the conflict. By the end of the war, 64 CAP members had lost their lives in the line of duty. Today, CAP has three main missions. Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, And Emergency Services. CAP does about 70%(?) of all Search and Rescue missions in the US, covering all 52 of it's wings (Covering all 50 states, including D.C. and Puerto Rico) and saving on average 100 lives per year.

NOTE: A third kill is still in the process of being validated to this day.

FSX Piper Cub CAP - flight simulator x Piper Cub CAP

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