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FSX X-31 Aircraft

The X-31 was designed to break the "stall barrier", allowing it to fly at angles of attack which would typically cause an aircraft to stall resulting in loss of control. The X-31 employs thrust vectoring paddles which are placed in the jet exhaust, allowing the aircraft to maintain control at very high angles. The X-31 also utilizes computer controlled canard wings to help keep the aircraft stable at high angles of attack

Just unzip this file into your FSXairplanes folder and you will find a"Rockwell X31" folder with the usual subfolders, a 'GougeSound.dll', a 'Rkgau' folder and an 'fx_afterburner_f3.fx' file, then operate as follows:

Step 1-Copy/Paste the 'Rkgau' folder ( AS IS ) into the main FSX 'Gauge' folder.

Step 2-Copy/Paste the 'GougeSound.dll' in your main FSX folder (if you don't have it yet).

Step 3-Copy/Paste the 'fx_afterburner_f3.fx' file in your main FSX 'effects' folder (if you don't have it yet).

We think this should be the end of the installation procedure.

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