Messerschmitt Bf109E4


CFS2 Aircraft Simulator's Messerschmitt Bf109E4 German Fighter
Major Helmut Wick, Gruppenkommandeur, I./Jg2 'Richthofen', St. Pol, Summer, 1940

Workhorse of the Luftwaffe, it entered service in 1938 and continues through the entire war, with the G version being the most numerous. The E(Emil) forged the way for the Luftwaffe fighter squadrons in the assault on France and the Low COuntries. Hampered by mismanagement at higher echelons in the Luftwaffe and by a very limited range, it fared badly (albiet a match for the Spitfires) during the Battle of Britain. Moving to greener pastures in the Mediterranean, the Trop version was more than a match for the Hurricanes in the Western Desert and over Malta. Seeing some action the Russia, it was withdrawn from frontline service when the F(Fredrick) became available in early 1941.

Copyright Original Designers:- Richard Osborne(Original designer) & Mike Colclough
Textures, DP and AIR files by Mike Colclough

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