Combat flight simulator 2 TRA_MB5


Fourteen Alternate Skins for the TRA_MB5 in CFS2
Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo

This download contains fourteen skins for the TRA_MB5, an AlphaSim FS9/FSX MB.5 that I have converted to CFS2. All but the PROTOTYPE are the aircraft never went into production. However, the squadron skins are authentic, even if in reality used on other aircraft types.


These repaints are by AlphaSim and Nick Bradin (except those noted), and were converted for CFS2 by Rich Ruscoe. I am just posting them:

- PROTOTYPE- (AlphaSim), Original MB color scheme
- RAF2 - (AlphaSim), Alternate RAF Skin
- 820 Sqn - Fleet Air Arm, HMS Implacable, Korea, 1951
- 33 Sqn, RAF, Butterworth, Malaya, 1954
- 249 Sqn RAF, RAF, Iraq, 1947
- PAF, Pakistan Air Force, early 1950's
- PR.5, Far East Air Force, RAF Seletar Photo Reconaissance Wing, 1950
- Swedish PR.5, F11 Wing, Swedish Air Force, early 1950's
- 887 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Indefatigable, British Pacific Fleet, 1945
- 1844 Sqn, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Indomitable, British Pacific Fleet, 1945
- 79 Sqn, RAF, SEAC, Burma, 1945
- Flottille 12F, Aeronavale, Indo-China, 1950's
- 112 Sqn, RAF, Italy, 1944-45
- 112 Sqn, RAF, North Africa and Sicily, 1943-44

CFS 2 TRA_MB5 - Combat flight simulator 2 TRA_MB5

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