CFS2 FM-2 Wildcat Mah Baby


Combat Flight Simulator 2 FM-2 Wildcat Mah Baby

Here's my rendition of Gramps FM-2 Wildcat.  It's in the colors of "Mah Baby" flown by
Lt. J.D. McGraw of VC-10 off the USS Gambier Bay, CVE-73.  He ended the war with five
confirmed air to air victories.  This a straightforward repaint, no bells and whistles.
Its a complete package with panel, sounds, reworked dp and air files, weapons and
droptanks.  You'll need the DB weapons for the bombs and rocket pylons.  Its also set up
for catapult launch and the files are included.
Many thanks to those who allowed me to upload their work with this aircraft.
Gramps, aircraft
Kelticheart, prop textures
Lawdog, sounds (they're for the F2A Buffalo, its essentially the same engine)
Morton, panel and gauges (I just like this panel)
Tango Romeo, upgraded dp and air files, catapult setup
Installation is straightforward, just place everything where it belongs.  As usual, all
legalities apply.
Thanks and Have Fun,

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