CFS2 Fall Gelb German Dunkerque Bomber Campaign


Combat flight simulator2 Fall Gelb German Dunkerque Bomber Campaign

Combat flight Simulator 2 Fall Gelb German Dunkerque Bomber Campaign

This is the German Dunkerque bomber campaign, based on the Dunkerque missions created by Jagdflieger and then “flipped” and updated by Rami. These missions are now flown from the perspective of a German bomber pilot, using Junkers Ju-87 Stukas, Dornier Do-17s, Ju-88s and He-111s. The campaign uses Achim’s bases in France, as well as a GSL harbor at Dunkerque. The campaign is nine missions in length, and is linear in its form. Additionally, the package for Fall Gelb - Kampfgeswader includes a campaign file which places it together with the Battle of France (Stuka) campaign, which was also originally created by Jagdflieger and updated by Rami, thereby allowing you to fly an seventeen-mission campaign rather than only nine missions.

Notes from Jagdflieger – Thank you for taking the time to download this campaign. It’s based on the historical events surrounding the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, France from May 26th to June 4th of 1941. The Royal Navy was able to evacuate approximately 338,000 British soldiers and 110,000 French soldiers.

Herman Göering, the chief of the German Luftwaffe boasted to Hitler that his Luftwaffe was capable of destroying the BEF through airpower alone before it could be evacuated from France. Hitler, worried that the canals and other water obstacles around Dunkirk would hold up his panzers, gave his approval for the Luftwaffe operation. Thus began Operation Dynamo, one of the most celebrated evacuations of all time. The missions that you will fly here are based on the time, dates and types of planes involved, but do not replicate any specific mission flown.



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