FS 2004 BAC 167 Strikemaster


FS 2004 BAC 167 Strikemaster


The BAC 167 Strikemaster is essentially an armed version of the Jet Provost T.Mk 5. The Strikemaster was modified with an up-rated engine, wing hard-points, a strengthened airframe, new communication and navigation gear, up-rated ejection seats, a revised fuel system, and shortened landing gear. First flown in 1967, the aircraft was marketed as a light attack or counter-insurgency aircraft. A total of 146 were built.
This model is very detailed and features highly reflective metallic skin and full animations. The panel background is based on photographic material found on the net.
Some gauges are default and all the others have been created by the author.
Included in this model there is also a very simple Virtual Cockpit, with working essential flight instruments and animated flight controls.

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