FS 2004 Sukhoi Su-27B/UB/Su-30MKK Package


FS 2004 Sukhoi Su-27B/UB/Su-30MKK Package

This is the Su-27B/UB/Su-30MKK Package,For FS9/FS9.1
All models created vai Gmax1.2 by Bill Wolfgen (Bear Studios)

Unzip files from the package,remains the folders
Copy the folders to your FS9 folder.files in this package will not overwrite your FS files,just add the Su-27/ub/30 aircrafts in your FS.

The aircrafts in this package have models about 18000=20000 polygons,and have 3 Level LODs.

Include models:
Su27SK/Su27B£ºSingle seat fighter
Su27UBK/Su27UB: Twin seats advanced trainer
Su30MKK/Su30M: Twin seats fighter-bomber

No panels,gauges and VC include.

Skins Include:
Su27_flanker_china.zip contains all units operate the Sukhoi fighters in China PLAAF
Su27_flanker_russ.zip contains the units operate the Su-27/UB/30 in USSR and russian Air Force.
Su27_flanker_exported.zip contains units in some other states who buy and operate the Su-27/UB/30.

By Bill Wolfgen

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