FS X acceleration T-33A update


FS X acceleration T-33A update

FS X acceleration T-33A update

FS X acceleration T-33A update

 This is an update for FS X acceleration of the T-33A by Kazunori Ito.  I have given it a working panel, and updated the flight dynamics.

Unzip to a folder of your choice.  After backing up your air and aircraft.cfg files replace them with the ones in this update.  Copy the panel folder to the aircraft folder.  It has a different name than just panel, so it won't overwrite a normal panel folder.  Copy the pictures to the aircraft folder and the gauges and effects to the main FS gauges and effects folders.  No need to overwrite anything already there.  If you want a deeper jet sound, back up your sound.cfg file and replace it with the one in this update.

If you wish you can copy the gauges to the panel.86 folder instead of the main FS gauges folder.

IF THE SIM ASKS ABOUT RUNNING ANY OF THE GAUGES, SAY "RUN" AND "YES", FOR EVERY GAUGE IT ASKS ABOUT.  This will only need to be done the one time for each gauge.

See the [reference speeds] section of the aircraft.cfg file for operating speeds.

To climb up to cruise at 35,000 ft. on autopilot, set at least 250 knots in the speed window until you are level at 35,000 ft. or you may stall.

The panel has a landing lights switch but the aircraft does not seem to have any kind of landing light.

Even though I reduced the fuel, the aircraft still has about twice the range it is supposed to.  If you want it to have closer to the range of the real aircraft go into the aircraft.cfg file and change the fuel_flow_scalar in [general engine data] to 1.5 instead of 1.0.

The panel background is from an f86 panel by Mike Stone, the gauges came with the panel and I have no idea who made them.

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