FS2002 CFS2 Colombian Air Force F-86F Sabre


FS2002 CFS2 Colombian Air Force F-86F Sabre

The Colombian Air Force bought inicialy in 1956,6 Mark IV of Canadair, with Orenda 14 engine, and number platesince the Fac 2021 to the 2026. In 1963 and under the system MAP,bought 4 Sabre, F-86F unities, of the North American of EE.UU:,with reactors J47-Ge-27, with number plates Fac 2027 a 2030.It was the first supersonic aircraft of combat of the Fac.From the begining all were destinated to Palanquero.It arrived to the Fac in 1956 and it was took off in 1971.Completely animated and with Dp, to CFS2.
Designer:  Hydden Scott-Williams
Repaint: Eduardo Fadul

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