FS2002 FS2004 Boeing 747 Norse Queen Textures


FS2002 FS2004 Boeing 747 Norse Queen Textures


FS2002/2004 Boeing 747 Norse Queen Textures by Don Brynelsen Copyright 2007

In 1987 Chicago based Bryson Air Services, which already controlled the Carribean airline Corsair, and had routes to Europewith its Shamrock Airways, decided to expand its influance into the Scandinavian market when it purchased a bankrupt Norwiegan regional carrier and gave it new birth as Norse Queen Airlines. Intended as primarily  a business class carrier, the line's added success as the carrier of choice for those wishing to tour Europe on a budgethas lead it to begin international service between New York and Norway using refurbished 747's retired from Shamrock Airways when that line went to the newer Boeing Triple Seven on its international routes.

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