FS2004 DAMBUSTER Avro Lancaster B Mk 1


FS2004 DAMBUSTER Avro Lancaster B Mk 1. 65th ANNIVERSARY 2008

DAMBUSTER 65th ANNIVERSARY 2008: To celebrate the 65th Anniversary (17 May 2008) of the Dambuster raid on the Rhur dams in 1943 and my visit to the Eder Dam in September 2007 together with actually sitting in the cockpit of the "Just Jane" Mk VII Lancaster at East Kirkby (UK) in October 2007 I have consolidated the previous Release 3 update from FS2002 to FS2004 into Release 4 for FS2004 with revised panels and new flights.  The aircraft are again based on the original FS98/CFS1 aircraft of January 2000 by Keith Clifford (Lanc15.zip) but with simulated Merlin 28 engines. Aircraft AJG & AJN are not completely compatible with FS2004, but you can safely instal them with their non compliant components NOT switched off.  The panel update uses Roger Lowery's RAF662 B1 Lancaster panel bitmap with center post and adopts horizontal RPM gauges rather than the CFS1 "cluster" and widescreen view of previous issues.  The original Lancaster files are included for designer acknowlegement.  Gauges are as previously uploaded with Release 3.  Flights from Scampton EGXP use John Young's Scampton scenery and end at Paderborn EDLP just north of the Eder Dam.  Consolidated version packaged by Ross McLennan.  FILE NAME:  65A_Damb_R4.zip  SIZE: 5.9 Megs

Name:  Ross McLennan, Adelaide, South Australia

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