flight simulator 2004 GOOSE CREEK AIRPORT 28A Scenery


GOOSE CREEK AIRPORT (28A) Add-on Scenery for FS2004

Goose Creek Airport is a small general aviation airfield located in Indian-Trail, North Carolina USA. Pressley Aviation Inc. is based at the airport, and is a very popular Flight Training School for new pilots, and old timers as well. It boosts a family-oriented, friendly atmosphere where people feel relaxed and enthusiastic about the joys of flying. Be sure to visit the website (link shortcut included in this package) to learn more about what Pressley Aviation offers.

Today I currently live only a few miles away from Goose Creek Airport. As a child, I visited the little airport many, many times with my grandfather on lazy summer Saturday afternoons. He was good friends with Mr. Don Simpson, who once lived in the large house which is located directly across the ramp/runway area from the airport hanger and offices.

Back then it was not uncommon to see some cattle, goats and several chickens roaming about in the fenced areas along side the runway. Today much has changed at the little airport, but the chicken houses are still there along with some of the farm equipment and lots of old things stored among the many sheds that are scattered around the property.

The scenery uses many common objects from the freeware RWY12 and EZ-Scenery libraries (not included) and these are required for correct scenery display.

A good high-quality terrain mesh from FSGenesis or equivalent supplier is also recommended for best results, but will work without it as well.

Freeware designed for FS2004 using ADE9X version 1.47 and Google Earth/Google Maps.

Created by Glenn Mullis

FS2004 GOOSE CREEK AIRPORT 28A Scenery - flight simulator 2004 GOOSE CREEK AIRPORT 28A Scenery

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