FS2004 Messerschmitt Me209HV-1


FS2004 Messerschmitt Me209HV-1

In 1943 Willy Messerschmitt proposed a heavily modified version of his extremely successful but aging Bf 109. The Me209-II would compete against Focke-Wulf's high performance Fw190D-9 and Ta152 fighters. Like these enhanced versions of Kurt Tank's design, the new Me 209 would share most of its airframe with a proven model, in this case, the Me 109G. This marked a departure from the first failed Me209, design as a racer and flew in 1938, and Me309 projects which had been completely new designs.

The Me 209 featured a new tail section

, broad-track landing gear, a taller tail, and an annular radiator which gave the engine a superficial resemblance to a radial powerplant. As the project progressed, the Me209's evoluted from a simple, enhanced version of the Bf109 to a progressively incompatible airframe. The Me209V-5 featured armament of one MK 108 and two MG 131 in the wing roots. The V6 was the first version to be converted to use the Jumo 213 engine and had MG 151/20 guns instead of the MG 131. The Me209H-1 was a high-altitude variant with extended wings and reverted to the DB 603.

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