FS2004 P-38 Pair Lockheed P-38J


Flight Simulator 2004 P-38 Pair Lockheed P-38J

 FS2004 "P-38 Pair" Lockheed P-38J & F-5 ver. 2.2.
This package includes two workhorses of the war:
the P-38J Lightning and its close cousin, the F-5
Photo Lightning. Five textures are included for the J
(D-Day, Marge, Porky II, California Cutie and YIPPEE).
The F-5 is Queenie, which saw action in the ETO
with the 33rd PRS.  Full-featured FSDS2 models.
Complete package, including authentic P-38 sounds
recorded by the author. Includes some gauges by Mike
Wagner and Chuck Dome.  Ver 2.2 includes all-new VC,
two new textures by Dan Swart, flight model
improvements and other enhancements.  Freeware.
By David C. Copley.

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