FSX F-14D Tomcat VF-1


Microsoft FSX  F-14D Tomcat   VF-1 Wolfpack repaint

FSX  F-14D Tomcat / VF-1 Wolfpack repaint

This is a repaint for Dino Cattaeno's FSX F-14D Tomcat V1.00,
in the scheme of VF-1 Wofpack on their first cruise aboard the USS Enterprise.
*repaint by Bruce Fitzgerald

unzip F14_VF1.zip to a temporary folder

locate the   texture.VF-1   folder
.. and copy to the FSX/simobjects/airplane/Grumman_F14D folder

copy the [fltsim.xx] section from this readme
and paste into the aircraft.cfg file in theGrumman_F14D folder
.. change xx to the next available fltsim number

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