FSX Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 WH587 N260X


 FSX Hawker Sea Fury FB.11 WH587 N260X

This is a repaint only for the Hawker Sea Fury FB11 G-Fury by David Hanvey and Paul Barry . This aircraft, WH587, owned by Ellsworth Getchell of San Jose, California, started life in 1952, operating with the Royal Australian Navy until 1963. From then on it passed through several owners, even becoming a racer in the middle 60's. Getchell purchased the airplane in 1975,

restored it to beautiful condition and painted the airplane in original RAN colors, and has continued to operate the aircraft ever since. It is one of a select amount of Sea Furies still running an original Centaurus power plant. Original textures by Paul Barry. Just like the real example, this repaint comes with the option of flying with either smoke pods or no smoke pods.

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