FSX OV-1 B Mohawk


FSX OV-1 B Mohawk

FSX OV-1 B Mohawk

Flight simulator x OV-1 B Mohawk

FSX OV-1 B Mohawk Winder Package

This is Tim Piglets Grumman OV-1B Mohawk Modified for FSX. This is the last known flying B model OV-1 Mohawk. U.S. Army # 59-2631. Owned by the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. The Mohawk was an observation / battlefield surveillance aircraft and served the Army from 1959 to 1996. This Aircraft served at the ARMY Aviation Facility in Winder Ga. with the Georgia Army National Guard from 1978-1985. Mohawk package has two liveries a Army Green #59-2631 and a Low resolution Army gray. Both aircraft have a new 2D and VC cockpit for FSX. Includes History and pictures of the actual aircraft . Textures and Updates By Mark " Fireball " Rooks of RDG Aircraft.

FSX OV-1 B Mohawk - flight simulator x OV-1 B Mohawk

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