FSX Tu-16 Badger


flight simulator x Tu-16 Badger

Tu-16 Badger for FSX.

This is the old ex-payware Alphasim Tu-16 Badger adapted to FSX.
The panel modified so gauges now all show and without error. I have include US style gauges so these are not as Russian would be.
But we can now use the classic Russian bomber in FSX.

Updated by Danny Garnier. avril 2011

As always I update for the users of simviation.com as a gift. My input is very small. The creators are the talent. Many thankyou to all the world the wonderful aircraft anfd scenery and other creators freeware for flight sim.


The aircraft that ultimately evolved into the Tu-16 'Badger' was based upon the Soviet Tu-4, an unlicensed counterfeit of the American B-29 Superfortress. The fuselage and essential systems from the Tu-4 'Bull' were mated to a swept wing and twin jet engines, resulting in the Type 88 prototype. This aircraft first took to the air on April 27, 1952. It fell far short of expectations but was rushed into production anyway. Its performance was eclipsed by the B-47 Stratojet, the USAF counterpart of the time, but the Tu-16 ultimately proved to be a durable airframe and was produced through the 1990's, the final versions being license-built in China.
FSX Tu-16 Badger - flight simulator x Tu-16 Badger

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